WCS Activities & Events

Pamper Days,  Exercise classes, coffee meet ups, lunches, activities, and any webcasts etc that relates to our group.

Some of Our Events

  Pamper Days:

There are a few different pamper days we have become aware of, and these are posted on the calendar with the link to register. SOME are also listed as an EVENT on our Facebook page. Some of our members who have been well for a while,  volunteer to help at the pamper days – as a hairdresser, nail polishing, hand massage and as welcome & check-in. Other ladies mingle with the new ladies and shoe show them the ropes, and chat and listen.  We invite you to register and come along and meet your tribe.  

click on the links below for more info
Beauties Feeling Fabulous                             Look Good Feel Better workshops
Lotus -Nerang                                                    Lotus – Burleigh Waters


Care Packs.

We were donated 1000 brown paper bags, so we hold craft sessions where we decorate, paint, and make those bags look really nice personal & pretty. We have a packing session where our group help pack 25 or so at a time. We have been donated some things – ear plugs, Officeworks donated coloured pencils, sharpeners and stationery items, Moo Goo & A Bit Hippy donate various items and we buy Sleep eye masks, fans, cool towels, tissues, hand sanitiser and candles, a journal and pen or mandala colouring books (and put into a hand-made cloth envelope to hold mandala book, coloured pencils & sharpener). We add a hand crocheted “Worry Worm” with their poem in a little bag, sometimes a key chain, and any other items we have been had donated.
These are held by various members known as “visiting fairies” who are in a chat group, and we message asking who can visit e.g. Mary Citizen at the GCUH on Tuesday. Whoever is available offers to go and they visit the lovelies in hospital and give them the care pack. The feedback on this has been awesome.

Port/Seatbelt Cushions
Members come together for a sewing/social day to cut out, sew, & stuff them. Sometimes other charities sew some for us when we need them asap. Some members sew them at home. One of our lovelies sews at home and our tribe delivers them to the various chemo treatment centres, including GCUH, GC Private, Pindara, John Flynn, Icon Southport & Tweed hospital.


We attend various conferences, summits, expos in relevant fields to learn information to share, and to have a ‘voice’. We do petitions, lobby and through my Consumer rep duties bring up issues needing to be fixed. We have encouraged a few members to join Consumer Advisory Groups and the like so we have a voice in a few places.
Business Cards have now got QR Code for our Facebook PRIVATE GROUP on AND this authorisation that I have worked very hard for 2.5-3 years to obtain  and official recognition of the Support Group “ the “Cancer Council Qld (CCQ) is pleased to extend recognition status to this in dependent support group, by merit of the support group leader completing CCQ’s support group leader training”. Without this we are unable to put our cards into Breast Screen, public hospitals etc. And we are now listed on the CCQ & NSW 131120 list of Support Groups.  We have another six of our tribe doing this Group Leader Training so we can hold various types of meetings with Cancer Council recognition.
We have grown very quickly and at 72 I wasn’t thinking in my wildest dreams we would reach these numbers; hence the foundation of the group is being strengthened and formulated as we go. With the help of the lovely women who give back and do what they do we are getting there.

We would love more helpers to visit the lovelies in hospital, deliver the care packs, to sew &/or stuff port cushions, decorate the care packs, pack the care packs, to help set up and pack up at events, as an assistant Local co-ordinator. As you can imagine with 650+ members we need many hands to make light work. 


We deliver the ponchos donated by Beauties Feeling Fabulous

the day before member is due for surgery at Robina, Tweed or private hospital or the member picks up a poncho from one of the members our tribe near them.



Wigs & Headwear :
One of our lovelies holds our large library of wigs and headwear and can bring some to pamper days and events or meets up with lovelies to FIT the suitable wig and or headwear. She washes, trims and conditions the wigs etc.