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WCS-GC requires you to answer a few questions to help the group admins review your request to join the Private Group  now with 780 Members .  Only the admins and moderators will see your answers.

Let’s Work Together

Answer a few questions to help the group admins review your request to join the Private Group. to make it easy we have developed a QR Code, just scan the Code and answers the questions and submit.
1: What is your phone number and email address?
(This information will be kept CLASSIFIED).
Providing this information will enable us to send you important information throughout your cancer journey.
2: What suburb and postcode do you reside in?
This is information is mandatory as this is a Gold Coast support group. If you do not live on the Gold Coast, we can connect you to support groups near you. We include new members also into their LOCAL postcode group with a Local Co-ordinator & 2-3 buddies who volunteer to BUDDY new members for the first while.
3:  What type of cancer have you been diagnosed with?
3.1   What Stage &/or Grade was your diagnosis
3.2.  When were you diagnosed

This information helps us provide better support for your specific cancer, as you will also be included in our smaller Cancer TYPE groups – e.g. Brain, Colorectal, Lung, Lymphoma etc where we have a leader and the members share information, ask questions, meet up and chat about their specific type of cancer.

Do not enter your password or other sensitive information here,
even if you’re asked to by the Women’s Cancer Support GC admins.

Just SCAN the QR Code , answer the questions and hit SUBMIT
you will be taken to the Private Facebook page to  JOIN 

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